Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Snaggle-Tooth Crab - How-to-Draw Page

Here's the next creature that got signed for the part of the Snaggle-Tooth Crab in my up-coming book, Monster Safari. This is the only species of crab ever found that doesn't have pinchers. But those nasty canine-style teeth can leave a nasty set of puncture wounds. 
This is perhaps the most difficult of all the creatures to draw, mainly because of the six legs that are crunched together. That may be a bit difficult for a young artist.

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Snoot - How-to-Draw Page

Another Little Beastie joins the monster cast as I draw my way toward the completion of my new book, Monster Safari.  I'm posting each spread one by one, as I finish them, until the book is completed. Then the book will be available for sale. It will probably be released first as an ebook, then a traditional book.

On the right side of the spread will be the how-to-draw page, as seen above. I hope to make a video of each monster, showing how to draw him, then release it on YouTube. I'll keep you posted as I progress through the book. 

Have you seen my other blog, The Trowbridge Chronicles