Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Do I know you?

I felt like the "hairy"style monster was underrepresented  in the batch, so I drew this one today. I'm getting close to finishing the monsters, then I start on the draw-the-monster pages, which will appear on the right side of each monster spread. I haven't decided yet, but I might draw a few more. I want to make sure that each monster deserves its place in the book. Stay tuned.

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Sunday, May 27, 2012

What's up?

I'm cruising in to the home stretch. A couple more Little Beasties and I will have enough to put together a book. If you have any last minute monster requests, let me know while there's still time. I think this book will go over well in the schools. Having done school assemblies for many years, I know that kids are crazy about monsters.

I've made a game out of this for my school assemblies for many years. I call it the Crazy Critter Game or the Make-a-Monster Game. The kids in the audience pull various names of animal parts that I've written on pieces of paper ("toad eyes, elephant trunk") out of a bag when I come down into the audience. I return to the stage and read the animal part name to the audience (they howl with laughter), then I draw it onto my giant easel pad (they howl with laughter again). I end up with a hodge-podge of animal parts which combine to make a "Crazy Critter"...and an auditorium full of kids howling with laughter. So after they see the Crazy Critter that I've drawn, they'll want to buy the Crazy Critter (Little Beastie) book. It's always a slam dunk. It's great fun to draw for school audiences, then to sell and sign books. You should try it if you don't already do it.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Don't Even Think About It.

Here's another Little Beastie, auditioning for a role in my new children's book. The tentative title: The Little Beasties of Monster Island: A Sketchbook. If you take a special liking to any of the little creatures in the line-up, let me know. I will be making my choice fairly soon. But I will be drawing more Little Beasties because I want to have plenty to choose from.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Easy Rider

Here's yet another monster to add to my growing monster menagery. I will continue adding beasties until I feel I have more than enough for the book. Then I'll start thinning the herd. There will probably be 12 monsters that make the final cut. Each monster, as seen above, will occupy the left side of the 7.5 inch square page. On the right side of the page there will be a simple tutorial on how how to draw the Little Beastie. So this will be a how-to-draw book. This concept fits in perfectly with my school programs since I sell lots of books at schools.

Since I've illustrated a number of 32-page children's books in full color, I know what a long haul it is to complete the work on a kids' book. This time I felt like I wanted to move through the project more quickly. Creating a "sketch book" format would accelerate the process because most of my final art would be in pencil sketch form.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Who, me?

This time it was a little swamp creature that crawled out of my sketch book last night. Let me know if you have any favorite beasties among the sketches, because I will be choosing a portion to "make the cut" for the book.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Horned Toad

Here's the next Little Beastie, this one by request from Kimber, a Twitter friend.

The book I'm planning is a picture book for early elementary age. I know from my experience in visiting schools that kids love monsters. But is this monster too scary for little kids? What's your opinion?

Do you have an idea for a Little Beastie? Let me hear it.

Monday, May 14, 2012

What are you going to do with that little critter in your hand?

Here's the newest addition to my ever-growing monster menagerie. If I can come up with enough interesting variations of these "Little Beasties", I hope to turn it into a book. The working title: The Little Beasties of Monster Island: A Sketchbook

Monday, May 7, 2012

Creepy Crab

From the seashore comes a horned cousin of the box crab, the latest in our repugnant parade of Little Beasties. Some will make the cut and be included in the Little Beastie book...and some won't. Should this creepy little creature be included...or not? Let me know if you have any ideas for a beastly creature that you'd like me to sketch. Yours just might find its way into the pages of the Monster Island book.

The next creature to get hitched to the monster wagon is an elephantine little creature. Check back soon for a look at him.

Friday, May 4, 2012

How do I look?

You can see that I did some graphite surgery on the little Beastie above. You can compare the difference between the above drawing and the previous drawing below. I felt that the eyes on stalks were inappropriate for his bulky appearance, so I snipped off the stalks and grafted in some toady eyes. I also did a little fine-tuning here and there.

I plan to keep producing these little Beasties until I have enough to make up a Beastie sketchbook. I hope to have a book completed by the fall. Check back anytime to monitor my progress.

Check back in two or three days for the next Beastie, which appears to be a horned stepchild of the box crab, with ping pong ball eyes. Nasty looking creature.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Teeth, Tusks and Trunk

Here's another Little Beastie for my growing menagerie. I'm collecting beastie drawings with the idea of an upcoming book of Little Beasties and how to draw them. Elementary kids love to draw, and since I visit schools, a Beastie book would be a good fit for what I do. I could also spin off Little Beastie stories.