Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Many of you have never seen my syndicated comic panel, Health Capsules. It's syndicated by Universal UClick syndicate. I thought I would show you a sample of the artwork that I create for the panels. I just drew these this past weekend. I recently passed the 3000 mark...3000 Health Capsule panels that I have written and illustrated for the daily feature, over the past nine years.

This is the process that I go through every weekend, year in, year out. First I write six day's worth of panels. Then I create the artwork (above) that goes into the panels. These six drawings will be placed in the panels that contain the text that I have written, one for each day of the week, Monday through Saturday.

 I try to write Health Caps on Friday and draw them on Saturday. If we have plans and go out of town for the weekend, I bring Health Caps with me and work on them in a coffee shop during the course of the weekend. It seems that when you're self-employed, you're always on duty.

It was my childhood dream to have my own syndicated comic strip someday, so I never take this privilege of having my own syndicated feature for granted. I never dread working on my Health Caps...I always look forward to it. My syndicate once told me that they receive up to 7000 submissions per year from people who want to have their own comic strip...and they sign one or two individuals. I'm so happy that I kept trying for many years to break in, and finally beat those long odds.

To see my feature in its finished form, click here.

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