Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Monster Safari - Title Page

This may be the last image that I will post from my Monster Safari kids book. I discovered yesterday that I had overlooked the title page, so I banged this out today. Everything is hand lettered. I think all of the pages are written, lettered and drawn now. From here on out it will be final proofing the book, the dull but necessary part of producing a book.

This creature is a cousin to the Eelops, which is one of the how-to-draw monsters in the book. He has a Velcro tongue that captures prey with the flick of his tongue, but I didn't feel at liberty to draw a terrified little fishy struggling to break free from the hairy tongue. I have no idea how many moms would be upset if they were to see the ghastly image of a dismembered little sea creature on the end of the Sea Beastie's tongue. There is a price to be paid for working in the kids' market. Everything you draw and write needs to be G-rated.

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