Sunday, May 18, 2014

Creating a Paradise Travel Map - Part 7

 This is the seventh in a series of posts describing my process in creating a Paradise Travel Map, in this case, Tristan da Cunha, the most remote inhabited island on earth.

Speaking of remote...don't get sick when you're on Tristan. If you do, there's only one doctor on the island. If your condition is serious, you're in big trouble. There's no airport on Tristan, so you can't be airlifted to the nearest hospital. You have to wait for about six weeks for the next mail boat from South Africa. Then you have to endure the long voyage from Tristan da Cunha to Capetown. You could be deceased for several days by the time you finally arrive in Capetown. This is one of many reasons why you would want to think twice before moving to Tristan da Cunha. Of course, you couldn't move there anyway. You have to be a native Tristanian in order to live on the island.

Above is the finished ink line version of the map, with all the elements carefully adjusted and  positioned where I want them. I lettered the title on a separate piece of paper. Then I scanned it and positioned it on top of the map. There is no typesetting on the map. Everything is hand-scribed. The next phase that I will post will be the initial coloring, where I will lay down some of the base colors.

The most enjoyable thing about this project has been learning about Tristan da Cunha. It's been a truly fascinating study. Since I couldn't get everything that I wanted you to know about Tristan onto the map, I'm planning on building a separate page on my cartoon map site,, so that I can display the map, along with much more detailed information about the island.

Stay tuned for a first look at the color soon.

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